goombul marketing services
goombul marketing services


Increase sales, boost brand awareness and get more traffic for your business or organisation with Goombul marketing.
Goombul has a range of solutions to grow your business, regardless of how big or small.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is widely considered to be the most effective form of marketing with 83% of businesses reporting an Average to Excellent Return on Investment (based on a 2017 survey of over 2,500 marketers).

Goombul can provide the software or even use your existing software to implement email marketing campaigns to increase your sales.

Retaining customers is far more cost effective than acquiring them and email marketing is the greatest tool at your disposal.

email marketing

Digital Signage

Take your business to the next level with digital signage. With a variety of screens available to suit any budget, these indoor, outdoor, portable and/or battery powered options can promote your business in very bright high definition.

With the capacity to change graphics in minutes via the cloud, digital signage has never been easier.

digital signage

Digital Advertising

Goombul offers a range of digital advertising options that can further grow your business. Digital advertising is a brilliant tool that enables business to advertise directly to potential customers in their community.

Whether it be at a local sporting club or in a public location, digital signage enables local business to strategically target individuals based on location.

digital advertising


Sponsorship is financial support provided by business in exchange for public recognition from a non-for-profit organisation.

The benefits for businesses who sponsor community groups include:

  • increased brand awareness,
  • increase sales, and/or
  • improved public image.

Many community groups often struggle to attract and keep sponsors for a variety of reasons, typically due to a lack of volunteers with the right know how. Goombul supports non-for-profit organisations by taking care of the whole process from start to finish, including ensuring all the expected recognition occurs. Sponsors can also have peace of mind knowing that their sponsorship not only benefits those in need but they too receive benefits that can help grow their business.

Recognition of sponsorship varies depending on individual community groups capabilities and the sponsorship value, but can appear in the form of:

  • fixed signage at the community group facility,
  • digital signage at the community group facility,
  • logo on apparel, and
  • advertising through social media and on websites.

Partnering with Goombul for sponsorship benefits community groups and businesses by improving stability and reliability. Goombul ensures that all involved can grow through their generosity.

sponsorship marketing

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